Here are some common questions and answers


What can I do with a Cloud VPS?

Anything you can do with a Cloud Vps windows server or desktop! Install any application you would normally with your Windows PC or Server and it will work just like normal. You recieve remote desktop (RDP) access to the server in order to connect to it. It will look just like the desktop you are used to when you connect.

How do I connect to my Cloud VPS?

You can use remote desktop services in order to connect to your Windows VPS.

We offer 4 locations across the United States. - Buffalo, NY - Chicago, IL - Piscataway, NJ - Atlanta, GA 

Meta Trader India VPS is a 24/7/365 operation with trained techs to always have an answer for you. Since we are an unmanaged provider, we are only required to provide support on network and hardware related issues. Anything beyond that scope, you would have to pay for administrative tech time.

What The Use of Cloud Vps In Meta Trader 4 or Ami Broker ?

It Just Like your Normal Windows PC.

 You Log in You Trading Software Like Meta Trader 4 or Ami Broker it will be Running on Cloud Vps. 

And it mainly Used to Run Auto Trading Software with your Trading Terminal Connected to Meta Trader 4 or Ami Broker.

One can get Live Notification and Email Alert right on your mobile. Even his/her System is off.

It Used To Run Robo Software.